I have a sore eye/My eyes have gone red/ I can’t see as well as I normally do – Should I go to the GP or the optician?

Your GP is unlikely to have access to the specialised equipment and training that opticians have so your first port of call for eye care should always be your optician. We will assess your eye health and treat the problem ourselves if we can or direct you to the most relevant health care professional if we can’t. We have a list of phone numbers that allow us to rapidly access the eye department at the hospital in the case of an emergency.

Please do bear in mind though, we are not set up to offer a walk-in eye casualty service. Please phone ahead to book your appointment. We do not have an optician available at every location at all times but will always make arrangement to have you seen by an optometrist as soon as is appropriate (even if it’s at a different practice).

If we are closed and you have an eye emergency phone NHS 24 for advice on 111