Do you prescribe contact lenses?

Yes we do! What’s more, as we are independent, we can pick from a huge range of different types of contact lenses. 

With so many contact lenses on the market it can be very hard to choose the right one for you. Do your lenses offer the best possible vision? Do you wish they were comfortable enough to wear all day? Would you like to wear your lenses for longer but are worried about damaging your eyes? 

We have developed a contact lens option sheet that allows you to decide what parts of contact lens wear are important to you and which lenses fit those requirements. 

Want lenses for sport and are on a budget? – A daysoft daily disposable would probably suit! 

Difficulty with close work with your contact lenses and want to wear them all day – why not try a biofinity multifocal? 

Ask your optician to take you through our contact lens option sheet and let them fix your contact lens problems!